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Sworn in as Attorney General in January 2015, Healey has tackled issues touching the lives of residents across Massachusetts including the heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic, escalating health care costs, workers’ rights and student loan costs. She has focused on strengthening consumer protections and on improving our criminal justice system. Healey launched the first-of-its-kind Community Engagement Division, bringing the Attorney General’s Office and its work into neighborhoods and communities across the state. Being an advocate for more equal and inclusive workplace, she announced her office would provide six weeks of paid family leave for all employees – making the AG’s Office the first state agency to offer paid parental leave. Healey’s office has also helped shape state legislation that would expand opportunities for women in the workplace including Pay Equity and Pregnant Workers Fairness bills. Prior to becoming Attorney General, Healey clerked for Judge David Mazzone in the United States District Court in Massachusetts. She was a junior partner at the international law firm Wilmer Hale and a former Special Assistant District Attorney in Middlesex County. She earned her bachelor degree from Harvard University, where was captain of the women’s basketball team. She played professional basketball in Europe before returning to Massachusetts to attend Northeastern University School of Law. She was inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006.

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